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Engineering Strains and Enzymes 

We are focused on the development and commercialization of economical, eco-sensitive and biotech based solutions for improving industrial processes. Biotransformation using immobilized enzymes would reduce the environmental foot print by replacing harsh industrial chemicals and processes with our green technology

Biosensors & Biomimetic Sensors for Food and Healthcare

Our natural and artificial recognition elements can be used to integrate into sensors.  These molecular recognition elements can be useful to develop the biosensor for food, feed and healthcare. In addition, we have developed biomimetic imprints (molecularly imprinted polymers) based products that we expect to launch independently and/or in collaboration with strategic partners

Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals 

We are offering process development solutions and product development for cereal based foods. Our technology is to isolate and enrich the value added neutraceuticals from secondary agricultural products

R&D Consultancy Services 

Our dynamic team is eager to take on any challenge including process rapid bioprocess development, scale-up or development of a cost-effective process using green technology